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Which Potato Should I Choose?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Variety can be the spice of life, or it can just be confusing. Fear not! Here we will solve your potato dilemma!


These guys are our most popular potato. They make awesome baked potatoes and chips/wedges, mash well and taste really good. You could describe them as floury and fluffy. The flesh has a yellow hue and the skin is nicely tanned (not from the sun). I've been told they make good gnocchi too. However, they aren't very good for boiling, salads and curries as they tend to dissolve.


These pink skinned spuds are versatile. You can bake or boil them, so they're ideal if you aren't yet sure what you will be doing with your potatoes.

They often grow large and elongated. The flesh is white and firm, meaning they won't fall apart so easily when you cook them.


Whilst not yet well known, I forecast that these will become a popular potato. They are a mid-range potato - good for baking and boiling - and the flesh is deliciously smooth with a good flavour. The skin is light brown and the flesh is pure white, like moonlight.

Photo from left to right: Moonlight, Desiree, Agria.

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