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Sunflowers for Ukraine

We love the look of Sunflowers growing all over our farm, however the last few days we have had mixed feelings seeing them, as there was also some sadness too.


A country which literally found themselves in a war overnight, with innocent civilians being bombed and their lives being completely torn apart. But this is not a political post against something or someone.

This is a post of LOVE, COMPASSION, CARE and SUPPORT.

Our younger farmers were inspired to to do something to help and came up with a little fundraiser idea to pick Sunflowers from around the farm.

These beauties will be available at our market stalls at the Nelson Farmers Market (Wednesday), The Nelson Saturday Market, and also at our Road stall, 2075 Motueka valley highway. Please give whatever KOHA you can. Every little bit helps! We will continue to collect until the sunflowers run out toward the end of March.

Every cent of your Koha will go to ISKCON Poland (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). Hare Krishna Centres all over Poland are opening their doors for Ukrainian Refugees on their way westwards. The Devotees are providing shelter, food and a stable and safe environment for the Ukrainian people who have been forced to leave their own country.

We are in contact with them and want to donate whatever we can. Please see the following link for more information.

It might seem little, but we are sure it will help. So please come and get a sunflower. For the people of the Ukraine!

Thank you.

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