Online orders for Motueka/Tasman/Nelson customers


We grow a huge variety of organic produce on our farm in the Motueka Valley and wish to try and keep the goodness local as much as possible by offering an online order system. We sometimes team up with other local growers to offer a wider selection.


























Is there are minimum order amount?

Yes, minimum order amount  is $15.

Are there any fees?

At the moment there are no fees, provided your order is above the minimum of $15.

What packaging does my order come in? Can I use my own bags/box?

Your produce is packed into a reusable crate, and from there into your own bags or box. This keeps waste to a minimum. We also minimise product packaging, so you will find items loose in the crate. When we do have to use packaging (delicate salad or dirty potatoes) we only use biodegradable packaging so you can put it on your compost.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Once a box has been ordered and made you will be charged for it even if you don't pick it up.
This is to cover any loss of product or time for us. 

Step 1: Register

Register as a new customer
(use button above).

Existing customers can skip this step.

Step 2: Order

Each Wednesday we will email you a link to our updated order form.

Place your order anytime before the end of Thursday so we can get to work early on Friday to harvest your order.

Step 3: Collect

Collection can be made from either:

Veda Organics farm @ 2075 Motueka Valley Highway

Saturday 9 - 5.00pm

Revite Cafe
@ 265 High Street, Motueka
Sat, Sun or Mon 10am - 4pm
Nelson Saturday Market
8am to 1pm

You can select your pick up location on the form when you make your order.

Step 4: Payment

You will receive an invoice via email within two days of receiving your produce.
Make your payment via internet banking within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.