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Farm Update July 2023


It's been a very busy time for us farm residents. Usually winter is the time of year when we potter around and do fix-up jobs, but this year we have moved our farming (and ourselves) to a new location!

The Motueka Valley has offered us an abundance of space and water to grow food. We have spent the last 13 years there converting worn out pasture into good growing soil, planting an orchard and loads of trees, constructing greenhouses, buildings and residences, and learning an awful lot about growing food and plants in general. It has been an awesome part of our lives - and now we are moving onto a new project that is better suited to our family's current needs.

Our new location is in Seaton Valley in Mapua. We will have a compact growing setup here, and will utilise the very mild climate to grow certain plants and trees that didn't fare as well in the cooler valley. We will keep collaborating with other local and national growers to boost our produce range for online ordering and the Market.

Preparing soil for our new growing operation.


And, after all that moving, we're exhausted! We haven't had a proper break for quite a few years, so we're taking a good chunk of time out to go away and replenish ourselves before getting stuck into our new project and a new growing season. Our last online order harvest day will be Friday August 4th, and our last Market day is Saturday August 5th. We will be back in action early October. Take care until then!

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Best wishes to you in your new location. Eve & Bill Heritage.

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